Do You Know Your Teen's Friends?

How do your teen's friends act around you? That's what CM mom goaliemom93 wants to know. I think it's a great question because we all know that the old saying "birds of a feather flock together" is typically the truth. If you have a teen, it's a good question to ponder because as our kids mature, the best window into their worlds is often revealed through their friends.


My home was the clubhouse for many of my childhood years, and my mother recently explained her philosophy. She said that allowing my friends to gather at our place all the time, was her way of keeping tabs on where I was and who I was with. By having the kids at our house she also could more easily gauge whose parents were actively involved with their children, but most importantly, harboring the whole crew was the best way to directly get to know my friends--and therefore me.

goaliemom93 says her 15-year-old daughter's friends talk around her--and sometimes to her--about everything. What about your teen's friends? Do you know them? How do they act around you?

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