Your Kid Got My Kid Sick!

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I hate to mention sick kids and school in the same sentence, because as hard as I try not to be, I'm superstitious. I don't want it to interfere with the wishful thinking spell I've placed on both my kids to make it through winter without any sick days.

But I have to let you in on a very interesting discussion going on in Answers about moms who send their sick children to school. There are two pretty passionate sides about when it's okay.

On one side, moms who believe children should be kept home when they have any symptoms at all.

On the other side, moms who kids with minor cold or allergy symptoms should go to school.


The original poster is upset because her child has been perpetually sick ever since he started school. As soon as he gets well and is able to go back, he catches something from another kid and is back out again. He's only in pre-K, but this is definitely true of older kids, as well.

Here's how the debate pretty much boils down:

Says RiverPhenix: "I don't send my son to school when he's sick and his school appreciates it if I keep him home when he isn't feeling well. Why do some parents send their kids sick but I cannot send mine? Oh, wait, because I am a parent that cares enough about other children not to infect them! I feel schools should make it mandatory that when a child is sick they are not allowed back until fully healthy or their doctor says they can go back. It is just an ugly cycle until spring."

Says an anonymous mom: "If you keep your kid home because he has a cold, you are overreacting. Teach your child to wash his hands correctly, for the correct amount of time, and discourage him from putting things in his mouth, eating off the floor, etc. They will pick up these germs at the park, school, grocery store, etc. And for all you know, the other kids are on antibiotics and the bacterial infections are not contagious so just because they are coughing doesn't mean they will get your child sick either. Being sick isn't a big deal unless you make it one."

Another mom brought up a good point about attendance policies. Many public schools offer perfect attendance awards and count a poor record against grades.

Do you feel that schools should require kids to be fully healthy and symptom free before allowing them back to school?


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