Dangerous Toys: Should You Cross These Off the Gift List?

slingshot and stones

Too dangerous for a kid?

CafeMoms are already starting to talk about holiday shopping and when it comes to Big Kids that means toys. Most of the gift guides out there tell you which toys to get -- but a recent post at Momversation lists 20 dangerous toys NOT to get.

Bummer. Some of these were my all-time faves as a kid. Here are three in particular that I played with constantly. Tell me if you agree that these are really hazardous. I promise I won't tell my mom what you said.

Then click over to Momversation for the full list.




game of horseshoes


Forget tossing a baseball around, this was the ONLY sport my parents played growing up. Many of our summer family parties revolved around these tournaments. Nothing like the rush that comes from chucking a piece of wrought iron in the direction of your opponants.




Easy Bake Oven 


Easy Bake Oven

Really? The model I had as a kid used a light bulb to heat food. Those undercooked, mushy brownies were a cherished part of my childhood.









Photo from momversation


'Kay, I won't disagree these should never have happened. What's even scarier is the warning put on the 2009 Jarts Tournament page: "Lawn Jarts have been banned for manufacturing and resale in the United States. The government of the United States has asked that all Jarts be destroyed. In no way do we encourage or condone children using Jarts."


Do you agree these toys are dangerous? What have your children asked for that you will absolutely NOT buy them?


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