Balloon Boy Hoax: Are the Heenes Unfit Parents?

blue balloonDays after the Balloon Boy hoax, authorities are now deciding what charges they are going to levy against the 6 year old's parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene.

Two of the four proposed charges are class four felonies including lying to the government, each carrying possible sentences of six years in jail and fines up to $500,000.

But even more charges are possible due to the fact that they involved their child in a fraud or criminal activity.

Truly, what type of parents would tell their children to lie for them? I can't imagine sitting my own 6 year old down, after spending all his years trying to instill honesty and ethics, and saying, "It's okay to tell a fib if it will help Mommy and Daddy make lots of money, but you can't do it any other time, okay?"


There's physical abuse, but this is certainly mental and emotional abuse. I don't like to think of any child being taken away from his parents, but maybe in this case Protective Services should be called to investigate to see how deep the damage goes.

For some reason I can't keep my thoughts from swinging over to Octomom and the Gosselins. Reality shows, it's all about the reality shows.

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