Rainbow Brite Gets Thin, Glams Up

Rainbow Brite fashion dolls

The new Rainbow Brite dolls, coming spring 2010.

In the 1980s when she was first introduced by Hallmark, the animated character Rainbow Brite had chunky little legs, wore her hair in a messy ponytail and seemed as unconcerned about her looks as most other little orphan girls who are trying to save Rainbow Land from the evil King of Shadows ... wait ...

What I should really do is save myself some trouble and just repost the Dora article I wrote a couple of months ago, inserting Rainbow Brite's name in instead.

Because I'm basically telling the same story.

Hallmark is relaunching its popular franchise with more mature, fashion-conscious Rainbow Bright fashion dolls, including Moonglow and Tickled Pink. Plus, they are wearing lipstick and blush. As you can see, these are not your typical orphans.


I don't think think they're too sexy or inappropriate for tweens, though. Just more grown up and ... different. What's concerning is the message from marketers that what once was sweet and childlike no longer passes muster with today's youth.

Rainbow Brite's trusty steed Starlite and other stable members got a makeover, too. What I found funny was that commenters on the official website were more disturbed about this and that the horses are missing forlocks (the piece of hair than comes forward on the head). As a horse person, that kinda bothers me, as well.

So, Rainbow Brite 2.0 -- do you like or dislike?


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