Boy (Not) in Balloon Found Alive and Safe

hot air balloon

Photo by my2luvbugs

Phew! Were you watching this harrowing "balloon boy" story today about the 6-year old Colorado boy named Falcon Heene who was thought to be lifted off in a runaway helium balloon?

Well, thankfully, he's alive and well. And on the ground.


After the boy's brother reported that Falcon had climbed into the balloon and untied the ropes that bound it to his home before it lifted off, the world watched on TV and the Internet in horror as the family-made helium balloon (his parents are amateur scientists/inventors) rose up and moved across the Colorado sky.

When the balloon came down (gently, thank goodness), we all held our breath until they announced the young boy was *not* inside.

But then, where was the boy? Did he fall out? The search and the worry continued.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. According to CNN, Falcon was found this afternoon hiding in the attic of his home, afraid of getting in trouble.

Hmmm, after launching a local rescue mission and a massive media frenzy and worrying his family, city, and, well, the whole dang nation, he might be right about that one.

Did you watch this story of the boy supposedly trapped in the wayward balloon unfold?

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