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It's hard enough deciding whether our kids will get one shot of the swine flu vaccine, let alone two. But that's what the makers of the inoculation are saying most kids under 10 will need for it to be effective.

It's like the first time your baby got the seasonal flu shot. The pediatrician has to administer two doses of the flu vaccine about a month apart for full immunity to develop.


This is pretty much what everyone thought anyway. But yesterday the drug's maker, Sanofi, revealed that in initial studies only half of children 6 months to 3 years old had enough protection after one shot of the higher strength vaccine, as did three-fourths of children 3 to 9 years old.

For adults, one shot of the higher strength vaccine appears to be enough, Sanofi reported earlier.

Of course, the nasal spray accounts for much of the available vaccine right now, and some areas are reporting the shots are in short supply.

A number of CafeMoms say they will get the shot for themselves and their kids, but vials are still being rolled out to the general public, and many of our moms haven't reported being inoculated yet.

More coverage in the Swine Flu Guide.

Anyone out there get the swine flu shot yet?


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