Jaycee Dugard: First Photo in 18 Years

child's abandoned tricycle

People magazine has the first photograph of kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard, who was abducted from her South Lake Tahoe home over 18 years ago when she was 11. Click the above link to see how beautiful and happy she looks, though I'm sure the pain and sadness is many layers deep.

Her kidnappers, Phillip and Nancy Garrido of Antioch, California, forced the girl to live in a shed in their fenced in back yard.

Phillip Garrido allegedly raped her repeatedly, fathering two daughters, now 15 and 11, who grew up believing that Jaycee was their big sister.


This magazine is on newsstands this Friday and includes an interview with Jaycee, who is now living in seclusion with her mother and daughters as she tries to recover. She hasn't been to school since her kidnapping 18 years ago, and neither have her girls.

The article talks about KJaycee's new life, the deepening bond with her mother, and the reunion with her sister.

Now if they could only find Maddie McCann -- not to mention all the countless others. To this day the McCann story in particular still haunts me.


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