Teen Boy's Long Hair Causes School Dispute

first haircut

Photo by LelandsMommy

It's been a big week for public school officials making silly rules and imposing rediculous penalties.

First the it was the 6 year old suspended for 45 days for bringing a spoon to school.

Now a kind-hearted 16 year old boy who is growing his hair long so he can donate it to a young cancer survivor through Locks of Love is being told to get a haircut or face the consequences.

The Silsbee School District in Texas has a strict dress code for students. Apparently girls can wear their hair any length they want, but it can't be longer than shoulder-length for boys.


"There's a time and place for rules, but sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture," says mama2conor. "The school board is being freaking ridiculous. Hair has NOTHING to do with how a person learns."

As one mom pointed out, this school district isn't doing anything unlawful. The Texas Supreme Court ruled many years ago that having different standards in school dress code for boys and girls does not constitute gender discrimination.

It's funny, I never even checked the dress code for my son's school. I just use common sense -- socks and sneakers on gym day, make sure his clothes are clean with no offensive slogans, that kind of thing.

Does your child's school have a dress code -- what can and can't your child wear? Do you agree with different standards for boys and girls?


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