Still Using a Sippy Cup in Grade School

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I was reading in one of the groups about an 8 year old who still uses a sippy cup. It's not his mom's idea -- his grandma continues to give him one, against his mother's wishes. That's probably the main issue here, but I'm stuck on why giving an older child a sippy cup is such a bad thing?

My 6 year old still uses one at night, and when we go on trips in the car. I just take the rubber valve out so it works like a water bottle. Of course, my first-grader would never be caught dead with his red and blue Diego cup in public. He's reached that stage where he knows associations with certain objects just scream "baby!"

Until six months ago, I couldn't get my son to part with his ratty, tatty teddy bear anywhere we went. The bear had to come with us in the car, to the store, and visiting at friends' houses. It's truly a miracle that we never lost him, though we came close tons of times.


Only recently did the whole "embarrassment" thing kick in, and now my son reluctantly leaves Yellow Bear at home, OR He'll bring him along, but stealthily stick him in my purse when someone else comes around.

I like it. It means a part of him is still holding on to his babyhood, and so am I.

There are other "baby" items that I still use with my son:

-- Baby shampoo;

-- Those little nail clippers, even though the next size works better;

-- His baby towels;

-- His baby blankets (which only cover his knees now);

-- His baby dinner plates (cars, clowns, balloons).

And the other night for story time he pulled out the baby book Goodnight Moon! Only this time, he read it to me. Sigh.

Does your school-ager still use sippy cups or other "baby" things?


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