Black Barbie Causes Complaints

black Barbie doll

Mattel has launched a new line of Barbies called So In Style, designed to look more like young black girls


Parent Dish says the dolls reportedly have "fuller lips, a wider nose and more pronounced cheekbones" and resemble an African American's features rather then Mattel's 1960s attempt at racial inclusiveness, which "was essentially a white doll painted brown."

Great, right? Well, a lot of parents are complaining about the hair, because all but two of the dolls have straight hair.

Sheri Parks, a professor at the University of Maryland tells the Associated Press, "Black mothers who want their girls to love their natural hair have an uphill battle and these dolls could make it harder."

I can understand the complaints, but there's no way the dolls can represent every type of individual out there, no matter what the color.

What do you think? Should this be an issue?

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