Is Texting 'OMG' Blasphemy?

OMGJudeo-Christian moms often raise their children not to say the ubiquitous "Oh my G*d" because anything other than praise of the Lord's name is "taking his name in vain." That's breaking the Third Commandment.

So, should they also teach their children not to type the acronym into their cell phones or emails? What exactly does OMG mean?

Moms in Advice for Moms are hashing it out, giving a vast diversity of opinions on the matter. Many feel strongly that OMG is blasphemy, while others say it could also mean "Oh my goodness" and therefore say it's a silly argument.

I thought one of the most rational and even-handed responses came from TiredMommy6906, a Christian. She believes it's only a sin if the intention is there, and the person is a believer.


"I do not get offended by it. They do not have to abide by my rules, unless they are in my house," TiredMommy6906 says. "And then, I will say something, because 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' I also educate my 3 year old that it is not okay to say what others say. I also ask people not to cuss in my house.

"I think Christians who are getting offended by these things and have no right to be are doing the exact opposite of what God wants us to do. He wants us to bring people to Him, not push Him away. This means LOVE!! This does not mean to criticize or judge."



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Do you allow your tween or teen more leeway in his or her vocabulary when texting than when speaking? If you are not religious, do you tell them to be respectful of others' beliefs when using certain words in public?


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