Best DVDs for Long Car Rides

toddler on car amusement ride

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You have to wonder how moms with kids traveled before the invention of DVD players in cars. But they did, and everyone seemed to make it from Point A to Point B alive and kicking (great driving song by "Simple Minds" BTW).

But today many CafeMoms can't imagine heading off in the minivan or sedan without a portable DVD player to occupy the kids and give mom and dad some peace as they get where they're going.

Of course, that can lead to other problems. Siblings often disagree over what movie to watch. Sometimes it's the age gap, other times it's just a boy/girl preference thing. My daughter would never watch a soccer movie, but my son would love that!

CafeMoms shared some favorite flicks that appeal to both the older and younger child, boys and girls alike -- a few I never would have even thought of:

  • Both my teen (17) and my preschooler (5) both enjoy Scooby Doo and the Madagascar movies.
  • Any of the musicals new or old: Mama Mia, Hairspray, Chicago, Enchanted, Oklahoma, Music Man, Annie. These are some of our favorites because Mommy can sing along with the kiddo watches.
  • My daughter loves Elmo in Grouchland, all the Disney Princess DVDs, and Happy Feet.
  • I just bought The Retreivers for my kids in the car, and they all love it. They also like the Sandlot and Sandlot 2 (got scared the first couple of times they watched, but love it now). All three of those are $5 at Walmart right now. Check out the cheap sections with both kiddos and let them decide together with your help.

What movies do your children enjoy watching on long car rides? Do they fight over who gets to pick?


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