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Roving Pumpkin

The Rovin Pumpkin from

Rovin Pumpkin inside view

Inside view









If your teen or tween claims he's too grown up or cool to go trick-or-treating, put him to work on this simple project that will spook the youngsters who knock on your door into shrieks and squeals.

It's way to complicated for the average mom, but the typical robot-obsessed, remote -control-car-loving tween boy could probably whip the Rovin Pumpkin together in his sleep. It requires a few Legos, a basic motor, some standard electronic parts and cables, and of course, a pumpkin. Perhaps Mom could help with that part.

Jump on over to the Evil Mad Scientist website for specific instructions and video of the Rovin Pumpkin in action. It was shot in daytime, so you won't get the full effect of the creepy green LED eyes that glow in the dark, but you'll get to see how it moves around.


I can just see it now ... place the moving pumpkin on your front porch next to your other stationary jack o lanterns, with your young robot mastermind hiding in the bushes with the remote control ... ooh, such scary fun!

If your kids are too old for trick or treating, what do they do to celebrate Halloween? Do they help to pass out candy, try to give the other kids a fun scare, take your younger kids out?

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