Her First Job, Job Site for Teens: Links I Love

help wanted signAs soon as I turned 16, I wanted to get a part-time job. My mother let me, as long as my grades and other after-school activities didn't suffer.

My first job was at a movie theater working at the concession stand (oh, how I ended up hating it! LoL). It was a real eye-opener and made me appreciate the value of a dollar.

Check out these links about part-time jobs for teens:


Should teens have jobs? — Yahoo! Shine

This mama blogs about how it felt when her daughter got her first job. — Parent Dish

Even funny man Steve Carell's daughter is making the moolah. — Celeb Baby

Help your teen find a job. This website is dedicated specifially to part-time and seasonal job postings. — Snag A Job

Your child may not be old enough for a job yet, but you can still teach them the power of a penny. — Woman's Day

Does your teen have a job?

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