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swine flu newsI'm still undecided about getting my kids vaccinated against the Swine Flu, but as I was scheduling my daughter's annual physical the other day, I decided to ask the nurse what our pediatrician's office recommended.

She said it's still too early to tell. They don't even have it yet, don't know when or if they will, or who will get it. For right now, she's only advising and scheduling for the regular flu shot.

Well, at least that gives me more time to deliberate on this very important topic. Because like you the Daily Buzz bloggers have lots of questions and concerns regarding ourselves and our own kids, we've been following this topic closely in our Swine Flu Guide.


The New York Times was able to answer a few questions about availability of the vaccine, which health professionals began distributing to the general public on Monday. A pediatric nurse in Memphis, a mom of two small children who also cares for babies, was the first person to get the swine flu vaccine.

Where will the vaccinations be done?

 Each state will be different. Many will offer them to schoolchildren first, then to the public at schools, public health centers or other locations. Some will direct vaccine to pharmacy chains, doctors, employers and elsewhere. As more vaccine arrives, health departments are expected to post Web pages allowing a user to type in a ZIP code and find the nearest place offering vaccine. The website will have links to those pages.

How many doses are necessary?

 Only children under 9 will need two doses. If they have had previous flu shots, their pediatricians may decide only one is needed.

Can I get both the regular flu and swine flu vaccinations at the same time?

 Yes, if they are given by needle. You should not get both the nasal spray forms at the same time.

Find out who will be give top priority for the Swine Flu shot in our Swine Flu Guide.


Have you or your kids had the Swine Flu shot yet? Please tell me all about it!


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