Middle School "Spirit Day" Becomes Day of Bigotry


Sixth graders--or middle school freshmen--are a unique crowd. No longer elementary school kids, they recreate themselves as a wiser, tougher, more independent bunch. In school though, they are no longer the seniors, but the newbies, and sometimes that means they do far-out things to earn a certain status among their new peers.

In a Chesterfield, Missouri school, however, a group of 6th graders took their need to be recognized way too far. According to a CNN.com report, the "Spirit Day" concept the kids had come up with initially included themes like "hug-a friend day" and "high-5 day," but then it turned seriously ugly. One of the days became "hit-a-Jew" day, and three Jewish students were actually hit by other students, one even slapped in the face.

The school's principal moved into action, calling an assembly and using the incident as a teaching moment. The students involved also faced diciplinary action. But was that really enough? Have your children ever faced racial or religious intolerance at school? How was it handled?

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

It sounds like the adults squashed this in a responsible way. Kudos to them for doing the right thing and not taking it lightly!


well i think it was a good thing to teach respect  i almos got ino a big fight with my neighbores one of the girlssaid my son called her white trash i imediatly  took acttion my boy is no saint  but he dosent know the meaning of white trash and i hope he will never use it kids dont know how words can hurt this is a good lesson to be learned  always respect  if you want to respect back i fill sad for those kids that whent through that  

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