Does Your 10-year-old Want a Perfect Body?

scaleWe know that dissatisfaction with body image and eating disorders are serious issues when it comes to our kids. But how early should we be looking for the warning signs?

According to Time, new research suggests that children as young as 10- and 11-years-old already have notions of the "ideal body"...and that's not all...


The study also found that:

  • Young girls' happiness with their body image depends directly on how thin they are.
  • Boys are happiest when they are neither too skinny, nor overweight.

It is alarming that dissatisfaction with body image begins at such a young age. But the question is: What can be done to build confidence among these kids, combat obesity and eating disorders, and reduce weight-related health problems like diabetes and depression?

Some experts believe school-based programs that teach children about healthy body weight, body image, and nutrition may be the answer. Do you agree?

Have you noticed if your child is dissatisfied with her/his body? How old is your big kid and how do they feel about her/his body?


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