Empty Nest Blues -- Is Another Baby the Answer?

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CafeMom partygal19dani, a member of the Moms of Teenagers Groups, asked members to help talk her out of her desire to have another baby at 39 to fill the void left by her two older kids, a college freshman and junior. She knows deep down that it's not in the cards, but can't fight the feeling from this "transition" period with her kids finally leaving the nest.

Oher moms were quick to agree, and offered some diaper-free ways she can fill the void:


Get a dog "I just got a two month old shih tzu. It really helps with the baby fever. I gotta say you're nuts -- mine are 11 years apart and people thought I was crazy."

Join Big Brother/Big Sister "Believe me they always need them. I had my oldest son on the waiting list for 10 years and he never got placed."

Find yourself "This is a monumental time for you, too, embrace it! Do you really want to be raising a kid until you are 60? Isn't there something that you have always wanted to do, but have never been able to? Work, take up a new hobby, join an interest group, travel. There has to be something out there that will help to fill that hole in you life other than a baby. My DH wanted another, but I told him no way because those cute little babies turn into teenagers and I don't want any more of those!"

Go on a second honeymoon "Smother your husband, I'm sure he won't mind!"

Mourn "It hurts because in a way, a part of your life is over. But try to relish the fact that while the baby is gone, a grown man will come back in his place."


Were you -- are you -- thinking about having another baby as your older teens are heading off into the world on their own? Is this a good idea or just a knee-jerk, emotional reaction?


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