Boys We Don't Want Our Daughters Dating

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There's the knock at the door. Even though your teen daughter begs, "Pleeeease mom! Don't answer it! You'll embarass me!" you do so anyways.


You're somewhat dreading to see what's on the other side. Your beloved daughter is going out on her first date and you've been worrying constantly to yourself the entire week, "What's this boy like?"

Momversation has put together a list of seven hilarious "stereotypes" of guys we don't want to find when we open that door. Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Player: He's the Italian chef who cracks jokes about all the babes who crave his "pepperoni,"  the guy whose black book is bigger than the Bible, the dude who can't stop staring at Mom's boobs. He expects Dad to "play along," but instead, he might just get a punch in the kisser.

The Dirty Hippie: We're all for peace and love, but we also are pro-shower...and anti-Birkenstocks. (Sorry B'stocks lovers!) The Dirty Hippie is so busy protesting his cause du jour that he practically ignores your daughter unless she's holding a giant handmade sign. And the worst thing? It's murder trying to get the patchouli smell out of your couch!

What are the boyfriend types you dread your daughter dating (whether it's for a first date or bringing the new boyfriend from college home to meet the family)?

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