Dora Links Doll: Too Sexy Or Appropriately Tween?

dora links doll revealed

Earlier this year, Mattel received a lot of heat when it revealed its plans for an older Dora the Explorer doll—parents thought the new 12-year-old Dora was too sexy!

This week, Mattel has revealed the actual Dora Links Doll, and (judging from the above photo) it looks like possibly the toy company has taken parents concerns into consideration! Would you agree?


Geared toward children aged 5-8, the Dora Links Doll plugs into a home computer for interactive activity with her four best friends via the Dora Links Web site; she can change her hair length, eye color and jewelry color through online games.

I know that some CafeMoms are concerned that the new Dora doll might be too invasive—acting as a online tracking device for their young girls.

Will you purchase Dora Links for your child? Do you think she is age appropriate?


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