Are Candy Canes the Grinch?

boy eating candy cane

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Dentists warn that hard candies are not good for your teeth, and that goes for any type of sugar food that spends a long time in your mouth as opposed to getting washed down quickly.

That brings us to candy canes. My children love them. They are disappearing off our tree at a fast rate and I'm not sure how to stop it, especially since I am one of the three people in the house responsible for their disappearance.

It's like Halloween. I'm not going to ban candy altogether during these special times of year when we're supposed to be enjoying ourselves and indulging a little.

But a little common sense goes a long way. I don't want to up my kids' chances for cavities any more than necessary.





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CafeMoms said they have no problem letting their children eat candy canes as long as they drink water while eating them and/or brushing their teeth right afterwards. Seems like a pretty good trade-off.

And CafeMom busymom1107 had a brilliant suggestion ... this goes along with the "wash it down quickly" advice.

"We make hot chocolate and stir in broken up candy canes," she says. "The kids will love it and there's no crunching of candy involved. I put candy canes in my coffee. It's yummy!"

If you are a real stickler you can get organic candy canes, and CafeMom CMcLaws can tell you how to pull sugar and make homemade candy canes!

Ooh, gonna do this for dessert tonight. Chocolate and mint, a heavenly combination. But I'm still going to make the kids brush their teeth afterward :)

Do you buy the big candy canes or the little candy canes? Are you worried that the candy is harming your children's teeth?


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