How to Get Kids Outside During the School Year

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Love this 10 Ways To Get Outside -- Even After School Starts article on Green Hour, found via MommyCoddle. We're definitely feeling the pinch for time outside now that school has started and the daylight hours are getting shorter.


Anne's ten tips are good ones too — some being the "take what you can get" sort, but those are the kinds of realistic tips that I love most. Life with kids during the school year doesn't always leave time for much else.

On the way to the bus stop each morning, my first grader and I love to see what autumn treasures we can find. As a family, we're still squeezing in our nightly walks when we can — although it's getting darker, which means I don't let the boys ride their bikes on our walks anymore.

And I have to admit that while I hate sitting (or more like chasing my toddler) at soccer practice two nights a week, it does allow both my boys a good solid hour of outdoor time — one on the field and the other one exploring the park. Now that the NorCal heatwave seems to have passed, I don't think I'll mind this time as my outdoor time either.

What do you do to get your kids outdoors during the school year?


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