Obama: Less Summer Vacation, More Class Time

obama wants less summer vacationPresident Obama might not be the most popular guy among school kids these days. Not after he's proposed that schools shorten summer vacation, add extra time to the school day, and have schools stay open later during the week and open on the weekends so students will have a safe place to go.

What's the reasoning behind his controversial proposal?


Obama thinks that adding extra class time will lead to increased test scores, as well as help American kids better compete with students in other countries—many of whom have more school days than we have here in the United States. 

Moreover, many studies show that disadvantaged kids actually fall back during the summer months. Because of this, many schools have already begun to shorten summer vacation and some even go year-round. Obama wants other schools to follow this example.

The obvious drawback to this plan (besides grumpy kids!) is that extra time in school will cost money.

But if it will lead to improved academic performance, would it be worth it?

What do you think of Obama's proposal to shorten summer vacation and add extra time to the school day? Is your school already doing this?


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