Three-Inch Heels to a School Dance?

high heels at a high school danceThis week we talked about toddlers wearing heels, but what about 14-year-olds?

An anonymous mom asked whether it was appropriate to allow her 14-year-old daughter to wear 3-inch heels to a school dance. The mom is not only concerned about her daughter's safety; she's worried that heels this high might be too grown up.

As you can imagine, CafeMoms had strong opinions on the matter...


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Here's what some moms had to say:

  • Vabchmommy: I'd call the school and check on the heels. They may not want her to wear them because of the risks involved, and they are pretty grown up.
  • Katzmeow726: At 14 bones, tendons, etc. are still developing. You have no idea the damage heels can do!
  • Slvrspoon98: Why on earth would you allow her to wear shoes that she can't walk in? Let her be a child for as long as possible.
  • Auroura: Personally, I would let her wear them. She is 14 and this would be a chance for her to prove she can act adult.

What do you think? Would you let your 14-year-old wear 3-inch heels to a dance?


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