I Loved Parents Night! (Am I a Dork?)

kids going back to school

Photo by LIV2TCH

My husband and I went to Parent's Night last week to meet my son's first grade teacher. I sat at my son's desk and wrote a note (I'm proud of you! Please eat your lunch.") in his journal for him to see the next morning. He was so excited! The teacher made sure all the parents left notes or pictures in the books before they left because the children were so looking forward to it.

It broke my heart to think of the child who would come in the next morning and find nothing in his book because his parents weren't there.

Our particular event was packed, but I know from reading in The Cafe that many parents -- especially dads -- do not attend Parents Night.


Perhaps I'm overly enthusiastic because my son is just starting his public school journey. But I wouldn't have missed it. My husband and I even arranged for a babysitter (a VERY rare occurrence) so we both could go. It was important to us. I wanted to place a face to the teacher's name, see my son's projects hanging on the wall, sit in the spot where he spends most of his day away from me.

The next day, I told my son that I met Echo the owl, a stuffed animal the teacher uses as part of her lessons, saw the coveted "Treasure Box" for good behavior, and looked at some of the books he's been reading. His eyes lit up when he discovered that I was now a little part of his new world.

Seeing that spark taught me that I am only beginning to understand how important it is for parents to be involved in their child's education, even on the smallest level.

Do you always attend Back to School night at your child's school? Is it important to you -- why or why not?


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