Tylenol's Voluntary Recall on Children's & Infant's Tylenol

children's Tylenol, recall

Photo from Tylenol

Any Children's Tylenol recall is going to send many moms into a frenzy, but don't worry. This one is voluntary on the part of Tylenol and sounds fairly minor and precautionary.


My cousin sent me this alert via Facebook yesterday, and discussions about the recall are popping up here on CafeMom too.

In summary, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Tylenol, are voluntarily recalling several lots of Children's and Infants' Tylenol manufactured between April 2008 and June 2008.

The recall appears to be just a precaution they're taking because bacteria was detected in one of the inactive ingredients. The portion of raw material in which the bacteria was found was not used in the production of any finished product, and no bacteria has been detected in finished product. In other words, your infants and children are safe.

Read the important notice in full from Edwin K. Kuffner, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs at McNeil Consumer Healthcare. This notice from Kuffner also provides a full list of the recalled Tylenol products (PDF).

If you have a Tylenol product on the list, call Customer Care Center at 1-800-962-5357 for more information.

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