iPrompts: New iPhone/iPod Application Empowers Special Needs Community

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iPrompts is a new customizable iPhone and iPod Touch application tool that provides visual structure for those with language and behavioral challenges, including autism, Down Syndrome, and ADD/ADHD. Wow, tell me more...


HandHold Adaptive, LLC, created iPrompts, an incredible picture-based app, for parents, special educators, and therapists who care for children with special needs. The app allows caregivers to use a variety of graphical prompts from the image library (you can add your own, as needed) to visually present schedules of events, countdown timers portraying a period of time until a pictured activity begins, or choice prompts between any two images. 

Picture-based communication aids are often used by caregivers of those with language, cognitive, and attention deficits, including people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and traumatic brain injury. iPrompts can help reduce the frustrations of everyday life when traveling or “on the go.”

I like what I'm hearing!

Check out iPrompts for more information, a video tutorial, screenshots, and testimonials. The app may be purchased for $49.99 from Apple’s iTunes Store or by accessing the App Store directly from any iPhone or iPod Touch.

For those of you with special needs children or who teach or care for special needs children with these issues, what do you think of this app?

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