Christmas in the Time of the Crunch

photo by jeri.gocats

It's not even Halloween, but Christmas is already on a lot of mom's minds. In this economic crunch, many of us have had to cut back on spending as a fact of life. But trying to explain that to younger kids as a reason Christmas will be affected is pretty pointless. An anonymous mom asked what other mother's would be getting their 5-year-olds this year.


Well, as the big gift, I'm getting my 5-year-old tickets to see the Lion King on Broadway (it's his birthday too!) and an educational video game of some sort. A lot of moms are going the video game route and asking other family members to pick up the cartridges. Smart. But what's cool is that because no one wants to spend huge amount of cash this year, there's also a return to stuff like, Play-Doh, Lego's and board games. Hey, toys that still require kids to use their imagination and smarts are not only cheaper, sometimes they're genuinely better. What's on your child's Christmas list?

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