Real Advice From a Real Teacher

One of the most popular journal posts on CafeMom this week is from a teacher, Amileegirl. She offers some straight-forward advice to parents who don't think the school's rules should apply to their child. I love it. Here are some highlights:

"If you do your child's homework for them, they don't get the benefit of practice and likely miss important lessons. You already graduated, so put down the worksheet."


"A 58 is an F. It means that your child is either not ready to move on or didn't do their work. Harassing the principal and teacher to "find some make up work so that a 60 can be achieved" is not only undermining teacher authority, but it diminishes the value of the grade. Then your child goes to college and expects the same treatment and are sorely disappointed when they find out that that's not how it works."

"The healthy snack, no sugar rule isn't implemented to encroach upon your unique parenting style. It isn't personal. It is implemented to reduce the known, and marked behavioral problems associated with excess sugar. Think of it like not bringing a can of soda into the computer lab for the time you are there. No one is saying, never drink soda, just don't drink it while here."

Read the rest on Amileegirl's journal post, "Parents Who Undermine Teachers--You Aren't Helping."

Do you think this advice is helpful?


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