Halloween Costumes Too Sexy for Tweens?

That model doesn't look like any "tween" I know, but there's no mistaking the target demo of these new Halloween costumes from an e-commerce site named Costumes for Tweens.

MommyMerry7 in the Newcomer's Club said:

What the heck is up with the tween costumes? I thought a tween was 10-12 years old ... these costumes look like hoochie mamas. Who lets their kids wear this? Check out Goldie Locks and Dorothy ..."

Another mom's take: "A pedophile's dream come true."


And another says,

"Thank goodness I have boys, LOL! But seriously, what ever happened to encouraging kids of that age to be creative and make their own costumes? We used to always make ours and that was half the fun!"

What's your feeling -- are any of these costumes appropriate for teens? What is your teen wearing for Halloween?


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