Middle School Sex Bracelet Panic

Kim Conte

middle school jelly bracelet panicA Colorado middle school has banned all jelly bracelets—and it isn't the first school to do so. School officials believe the bracelets indicate participation in "snap games," with each bracelet representing a particular level of sexual activity the wearer is willing to engage in. When a boy "snaps" a bracelet off a girl...well, you get the idea.


The colored, rubbery, '80s-style bracelets are becoming more and more popular among tween girls, but school officials are unsure as to whether they are wearing them for fashion purposes (as many of the girls insist) or to participate in snap games. Schools say the ban on jelly bracelets is not a punishment, but merely a precaution.

Has your school banned jelly bracelets? Do you think these bracelets are synonymous with sex?


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