Middle School Sex Bracelet Panic


middle school jelly bracelet panicA Colorado middle school has banned all jelly bracelets—and it isn't the first school to do so. School officials believe the bracelets indicate participation in "snap games," with each bracelet representing a particular level of sexual activity the wearer is willing to engage in. When a boy "snaps" a bracelet off a girl...well, you get the idea.

The colored, rubbery, '80s-style bracelets are becoming more and more popular among tween girls, but school officials are unsure as to whether they are wearing them for fashion purposes (as many of the girls insist) or to participate in snap games. Schools say the ban on jelly bracelets is not a punishment, but merely a precaution.

Has your school banned jelly bracelets? Do you think these bracelets are synonymous with sex?


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Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

Um, this was going on when I was in Jr High....six or seven years ago. They were always just as jokes, the acts never really happened.

justa... justanotherjen

Every generation has this stupid game that is "supposedly" going on.  The schools banned them when I was in junior high (in the late 80s/early 90s) and I didn't know a single kid that actually knew what the colors meant or took it seriously.  It was a lot of talk.

My 9yo has a purple and blue bracelet on her wrist right now.  She found them in her toys (I bought them for the kids over the year) and has been wearing them to school for a week.  They mean nothing except pretty bracelets to her.

Just because some kids say the bracelets mean something doesn't mean they actually do those things/mean those things.  And in the end, if those kids are going to have sex or whatever they are going to do it whether there are jelly bracelets or not.


sorry but this is so dum a lot of girls weare them because they look nice

RanaA... RanaAurora

What the hell?

momof... momof3jll

I read up on this and it is written that it is an urban legend, that nobody ever even heard of these "games" until some expert went on Oprah and said kids were doing this. I don't think it's true.

AprilD32 AprilD32

not an apropriate "Joke", the bracelets should be banned from the schools.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Banning the bracelets will not fix the problem or even curb the behaviour. Infact banning the bracelets is more like 'hush hushing' the problem or sweeping it under the rug.

They know about it, but they don't want to see it. Instead of banning the Jelly Bracelets from school they need to start bombarding the children with some seriouse sex ed and information needs to be sent around to the parents about the possible meanings behind the bracelets and helpful information on discussing sex (and its repercussions) with children of that age group.

niami... niamibunni


Yes, banning the bracelets from school will prevent teens from having sex. RIIIIGHT.

pregp... pregpostmassage

HIlarious: I went to snopes.com to find this link, and it was right on their homepage:


I had almost forgotten about the pull-tabs: that was popular when I was in junior high and high school, but no one ever had sex or even kissed someone just because they were presented with one--at most it was just a joke between people who were already involved.

fmchavez fmchavez

Wow this urban legend is still going around? Banning bracelets isn't going to stop teens from having sex. Hell some will probably do it just out of spite.

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