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Recently, I wanted to get my daughter a cute tote bag customized with her name and my mother looked at me like I was insane. A third-grade teacher for 35 years, she said, "You never put a kid's name on their backpack or any place it's visible to strangers."

Using a child's name is one of the first and easiest ways for a bad person (kidnapper, pedophile, etc) to establish trust with your child.

For example, if someone says, "Hey, Sofie, how are you? I'm so-and-so, a friend of your mom, and she told me to pick you up today," your child is more likely to believe it because the person knew her name.

Makes perfect sense and I now have no plans to ever have my daughter's name embroidered on anything.

Is your child's name on his backpack? What kind of don't-talk-to-stranger advice have you given your kid?


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deede... deedee3849

My sons name is not printed on his backpack, however, I purchased small metal tags with his name on them and it attaches to the zipper pull. This way my son can check to make sure it's his bag but the name is not blatently visible to strangers.

As far as stranger advice, I tell my son to NEVER go with anyone even if they know his name or say that I sent them. I tell him the only people I will ever send to pick him up are family matter what.

auror... aurorabunny

Yep, my son's school said their name HAD to be written on his backpack.  It's a good thing too because even though there is only 4 other kids in his class of course there is a another little boy with the exact same backpack!  I am SO not worried about it.

eeyor... eeyoreplus4

I always put my children's names on their backback, but the side that goes against their back. I have also wrote it on the inside of the straps or under the handle. That way, they can look to see if it's their's, but no one else could see it.

rozepyle rozepyle

i usually sew his name on the inside of something, but i would never put it out for everyone to see thats just creepy, initials is one thing but the full blown name (its a shame because ds has such a cool name too) never. you cannot trust anyone these days.

pokey54 pokey54

It is a requirement at my grand kids school also, but they are so strict on anyone coming to and leaving the school you have to sign in and get a name tag for everything, you are only allowed to go in and eat lunch with your child  on Fridays,  and if you do not get there early you miss it because the line to sign in with the computer and camera thing is long ,and  also all  the kids are lined  up outside in the front foyer and you have to have ID in your car and they escort each child to the car, they are really strict so I do not worry too much about it, but otherwise I would not have their name visiable anywhere! They have had trouble in the past with divorced parents and custody type things so they went this route.  It is really a hassle sometimes but the kids safety is what counts!

justa... justanotherjen

I learned that advice when I was like 10 (back in the 80s).  My kids all have their names on their bags but inside the main pocket on the back where it is easily visible if the bag is open (like they leave it on their hooks at school) or I write it across the back between the straps.

I did the same thing with their lunch boxes.  Names inside the bag.  Each one had an attachable water bottle in a fabric insulator.  I wrote their names on the inside of the strap on the insulator (when it's fastened it is unseen) and on the plastic bottle itself.

The only bag that has a visible name is a little sports bag I bought my son.  I was quickly adding his name to it and when I finishe I looked and realized I had it the wrong way and wrote the name on the front instead of the back like I intended to do.  But when the top was cinched you really couldn't read it anyway.

justa... justanotherjen

As for stranger stuff.  I've told my kids they shouldn't go with people they don't know but strangers aren't necessarily dangerous.  I took the kids to the store several months ago and my son (7) tagged along on his bike.  He stood outside with his bike while I went in with the girls with instructions to stay out of people's way, not to wander off and scream like a madman if anyone tried to grab him.  In crowded places (like our trip to a museum in January) the kids had instructions to find someone in uniform (employee or security guard) or if that was too intimidating or confusing to find a mom with a small child in a stroller because they are most likely to help a lost child.  And to never go off with someone they don't know.

Freela Freela

I heard that advice back when I was a kid- I can remember being mad that my mom wouldn't let me personalize my t-shirt because that was a trend when I was about ten!  My kids' schools require the names to be on their backpacks, but I write it either on a tag where it's small or on the inside. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

It HAS to be written on my son's backpack.  It's written on the part that goes against his back, and on the INSIDE.  I wouldn't let his whole name be visible.

SahmTam SahmTam

You know what's strange? I've heard the same thing about not putting a child's name in any visible place, but our schools (public school for the older two and private pre-K for my youngest) ask that we put our kids names in a visible place on the outside of the backpack. I don't. I put their names and our phone number on the inside on a piece of paper. If 2 kids have the same backpack my kids know where their info is to know they have the right pack... and if the pack is lost, the info is there to return it. I just refuse to put their names on the outside!

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