Tell Me a Story Set: Roll, Write & Imagine

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As a mom, I'm a firm believer in the importance of storytelling, not only for the reading and writing aspect but for the exercise it gives a child's imagination. With imagination comes dreams and with dreams come all the millions of ways children can formulate ideas of themselves and of the world around them.

That said, I adore the Tell Me A Story Set from The Small Object.


The Tell Me A Story Set comes with three wooden Story Starter Dice, a 50-page Match + Write Notepad, and a laminated Index Sheet.

To play, kids roll the dice and tell a story based on the trio of pictures that appear. Parents can help younger children by writing down their stories while they circle the matching story images on the Match + Write Pad. Big kids can dream up and write a story themselves. Hours of fun. Weeks of imagination. Months of dreams.

The set is $35 and comes in an adorable small canvas bag. Hurry, too, these sets are available for a limited time.

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