Do You Let Your Kids Curse? Jennifer Connelly Does!

Jennifer Connelly explains to Jimmy Kimmel that she lets her kids (Kai, 12, and Stellan, 6) curse—but not in public. CafeMoms had a similar conversation about whether they let their kids swear in the house...


Here's what some moms had to say:

  • Manth: We don't swear at home generally speaking, so we expect our kids not to swear at home. They accept that it's just something not done there.
  • Luckysevenwow: I do allow some cussing. The fake form isn't really different in my book. They are not allowed to ever use towards me in anger, they are to always watch their mouths when around other people, and they are to always be cautious of the fact that I may allow some, but other people may find it offensive. So far they are staying within an acceptable amount of usage.
  • Lindalu2: If you swear, then expect to hear your kids swear and you have no defense!

Do you allow your kids to curse?


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