School Refuses to Let Mom Pick Up Daughter On Horse

Big Kid 35

mom picks up daughter on horseA Florida mom was sick of waiting for hours every day, in a line of cars, to pick her daughter up from elementary school.

So what did she do?

She arrived to pick up her daughter on horseback.

But all did not go according to plan...

The mom chose to ride the horse to school, saying that because of fuel costs, she didn't have the funds in her budget to sit in lines for an hour to two and a half hours each day to wait for her daughter.

The school principal, however, didn't think it was safe to ride on horseback through the streets around the school and refused to release the child. Instead, police drove the daughter home where she waited alone for her mom to arrive.

(Thanks to Current Events & Hot Topics Group for bringing this story to our attention!)

What do you think of this story? Should the principal have prevented the mom from picking up her daughter?


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Blueb... Bluebonnet72

    The school has no right to refuse to allow a parent to pick up their child, unless a court order stating the parent can not.  This is wrong, and illegal.  Even if a parent is doing something really dangerous, like not using a car seat for a baby, you can't keep a child from the parent.  You can call the police or child protective services and ask them to come immediately if you believe the child is in danger.  You can't refuse to release a child to the parent. 

5forj... 5forjulie

The school does not have the right keep the daughter and have her sent home another way.

The school must be having parking/line issues with picking kids up. I cannot as parent see myself waiting an hour or two in line to pick up a child from school. Then they send send the child home alone to wait for the mom. Thats wrong on so many levels.

Super... SuperMomof3kids

I think that principal stepped over the line.  Obvioulsy mom knows how to ride a horse and there isnt a law that says she cant ride the horse to the school, so who is he to decide that mom cant take her daughter home on horseback.  I would have thrown a fit and my child would have been on that horse with me!  I cant believe the police actually drove the child home, what a bunch of bull!  (and I would be riding my horse every day to pick her up too!)

Alieda Alieda

I think the school was in the wrong. It is the parent right to pick up her child unless the police say other ways. I also think it is nuts she could not go with her mom but it was ok to leave a young child at home alone until her mo  get there.

Joyan... JoyandLove

That is pretty funny:)

Bizmom Bizmom

Schools have no right in telling a parent on how he or she should pick up their child from school, these schools nowadays are really trying to control everything kids and parents do and don't do. no wonder they have no teachers, or kids dropping out of school. it's really ridiculous. horse was not safe? really? but being home along is ? something wrong there.


Candl... Candle_Anne

The long lines of waiting cars quickly become a line full of pissed off drivers which I'm sure is far more dangerous than a parent on horseback.  I would think a horse is safer than a bike as well. Does the school allow bikes? Kudos to the mom for finding a green way to make the commute.

Sunny... SunnyDCal

I think more people should ride horses, ride bicycles, walk, use public transportation, etc.  And I have had my own experiences with overprotective ninnys who think they can parent your child better than you, the one who had lived with them and raised them

mommy... mommyheymommy

I would sue them.  Seriously, how pompous and out of line of that school. 

bwankel bwankel

I can't believe this, it's like they are not using their heads.  Statistically, it's safer to take a horse to the school than a bike, or even a car!  Morons.

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