How to Recycle Kids' Artwork

The following is a guest post from Ideal Bite's Mama Bite contributor Jennifer Orr.

I put on my biggest smile when my 6-year-old proudly hands me one of her latest masterpieces...and then I secretly plot how I can recycle it without her noticing.


I certainly don't want to stifle her creativity, but we're drowning in paper and crafts over here. She and I recently sat down to figure out what to do with all this beautiful art, and I have to say our ideas turned out to be quite eco-friendly. For example, we've set aside some pictures to send as thank-you notes, and she's agreed to use her larger works as wrapping paper.

Also, and this was a hard sell, but I finally convinced her to reuse her artwork to make other pieces. She's now cutting up her old watercolors into strips for paper chains and churning out mosaics with used coloring books.

Of course, some works are too precious to part with—like the portrait of her loving and devoted mama, which for some reason my husband doesn't think warrants full display over our fireplace...

How do you recycle your big kid's artwork?

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