Weekend Homework -- Is It Ruining Family Time?

homework disrupts family time

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Do you consider homework family time?

A lot of moms do, which is one of the reasons some don't object to their kids having to do homework on the weekends. This is another one of those straight down the middle arguments where half agree with it, and half don't.

Which one of these two sides do you fall on?


"I'm fine with homework on the weekends," Mergath says. "It helps a child retain information, and it also sends the message that you can learn anytime, not just when you're in school. I can't believe we've gotten so lazy that we don't want our kids to have to do anything on the weekends. No wonder our children are so far behind other countries."



"I absolutely disagree with kids having homework on the weekends," says eat2live. "As it is, they rarely have any breaks during the day during school to socialize with friends or to get fresh air and exercise. People wonder why our youth lack social skills and there's an increase in ADHD, childhood obesity, dropout rates, violence, and drug abuse. We enjoy our family time by spending time with our kids, and watching our kids have fun with their friends. Kids need to be well-rounded socially, mentally, and physically."

How much homework does your child have on the weekends? How do you make sure it doesn't cut into other types of family quality time?


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