When Special Education Is Hilarious!

women in a meetingGina Gallagher and Patty Konjoian, moms of special needs kids and co-authors/bloggers of Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!, created this funny but all-too-real spoof of what happens at a Team Meeting.

Gina has had plenty of experience with these meetings, a sort of progress sit-down with several of your child's teachers. Her 14-year-old autistic daughter, Katie, has language-based learning disabilities and attends public school.


"When we go out and speak and talk to parent groups, parents often bring up the stress of team meetings," Gallagher says. "They often feel as though teachers are all against them. Teachers tend to use terms and words that mean nothing to us."

For example, in the clip, the "teachers" (note that they are all sitting on the same side opposite the parents) tell Gina that her daughter has a pencil grip problem. But they never really translate what it means.

"It's hard for us to take it seriously," Gina says. "It can honestly feel like teachers are speaking a foreign language. Parents can feel overwhelmed and in my case, I felt really intimidated -- I wasn't smart enough."

Gina and Patty are working on a series of videos, and will eventually create one on the "ideal" team meeting.

Watch this video and tell me whether your experience has been anything like this!

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