Kids Hunting: Should There be a Minimum Age Requirement?

hunting kids teens gunsWisconsin just lowered its minimum hunting age to 10. Until now children had to be 12 to hunt with an adult and 14 to hunt alone. I was kind of surprised at this, but it turns out thirty states don't even have a minimum hunting age on the books.


Wisconsin's new law, which goes into effect on Tuesday, allows anyone 10 or older to hunt with an adult mentor (there can be only one gun or bow between them) without taking a safety course.The law also gives kids discounts on hunting licenses and stamps.

Supporters say the new law will get kids interested in hunting earlier, thereby preserving Wisconsin's rich hunting traditions. Critics don't like the idea of 10-year-olds with firearms and say that someone will inevitably get hurt.

Does your child hunt? Does he or she go alone or with an adult? Does your state have minimum age requirements for hunting?

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