Children's Picture Books With Brains

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Let's talk about One Potato, a new website dedicated to championing great children's picture books — founder Jay Bushara, dad and full time caregiver of two boys, just wrote to tell me all about his new site.

The new online bookstore's selection of over 500 titles is handpicked for primo illustrated and lyrical excellence. And me likey.


At One Potato, Jay is on the lookout for the kind of excellent children's literature that you can't find, or not easily, in the big chain bookstores — either because they're hidden, old, foreign, or simply overlooked.

About his book picks, Jay writes: "Certainly books that are well (or oddly) illustrated will jump off the shelf at us. That being said, a good-looking book with no brains isn’t what we’re after, though it probably stands a better chance of even being considered. A sense of humor attracts us, possibly too much. Lyric flair. Mostly, however, we are looking for stories, for pictures and characters that offer the possibility of becoming a part of your child’s (or your own) daily vocabulary. Little classics you could call them."

I find it so frustrating — online and in bookstores — wading through the sea of poorly written tales from TV show characters (not to mention how my kids have been brainwashed to want these kinds of popularized books, which tell choppy and boring half stories). I'm a sucker for a darn good story. I believe kids need good stories in their lives. Great illustration just seals the deal. So I can't wait to dive into One Potato.

Check out the featured reads every week. Plus, it's easy to order a mix of new and used titles, put them all in one shopping cart, and pay once.

What well-written but forgotten or overlooked children's picture book would you recommend to One Potato?

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