Tighty Whities -- Why Boys Hate Them

boy with mohawk haircut

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Things are moving way too fast. Last night my first grader announces he wants a mohawk (since when did he even care about combing his hair?). Today he tells me that he no longer wants to wear underwear the color red. No particular reason offered. He's fine with white, yellow, blue, green, and even orange -- but no red.

Okay, so he's not demanding more than that. He's still fine with any style, briefs or boxers. He doesn't even realize it yet, but this is the start of the pressure to be "cool" and to "fit in." It's caused by the automatic release of certain enzymes, proteins, or cooties in his bloodstream that triggers this odd behavior in little boys.

It causes him to start making perfectly innocent but puzzling demands that mom can't reasonably refuse, all under the guise of "individuality" and "finding himself."


Bah. This is really to prepare (confuse?) his poor mother for all the questionable and downright unreasonable demands that I know are just around the corner.

Pretty soon he'll be telling me that dried dates and almonds are not an acceptable snack for a boy, and no more briefs or "tighty whities" like almost all of the sons of the moms in the Tween Titans group.

I'd like to think that tween boys' prohibition on functional, light colored underwear is more of a comfort thing than anything else. Those fitted boxers seem so luxurious the way they form fit the thigh; I kinda compare it to a bikini/thong thing. (I wear both, and I'm sorry, underwear is just way more comfortable when it's not missing the back parts.) But maybe there's another motivation I'm not thinking about ...

Hmm. The mind of a tween boy. I'm so not ready to go there just yet.

What types of tween type behavior is your school-ager exhibiting lately? Any demands for mohawks, piercings, tattoos, suspicious magazine subscriptions that make you take pause?


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