Vibrators for Teens?

vibrators for teens?Vibrators are becoming more common and less of a stigma among women. Studies show that women who use the little gadgets have healthier and happier sex lives. But what about teens/tweens?


Back in April, there was an episode on Oprah about talking to your daughters about sex and self-stimulation that made some very good points, saying that teenage girls should explore their bodies and take ownership of them.

But a conversation recently erupted on Yahoo! Shine about buying vibrators for teens when a mom's daughter mentioned that her friend's mother bought her daughter a vibrator and making the point, "Isn't masturbating safer than having sex?"

Now, I am all for teaching kids, thoroughly, about sex and putting self-stimulation in a positive light, but the thought of mother-daughter shopping for a vibrator makes me cringe.

Do you think it's appropriate for a teen/tween to have a vibrator? Would you ever buy a vibrator for your daughter? 

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