Conquer Empty Nest Syndrome, Perks of an Empty Nest: Links I Love

empty nestIf you've recently sent a child off to college, you may be experiencing something very odd...something you haven't experienced in, oh, 18 years. Quiet. Cleanliness.

But that may be paired with some things that aren't so the feeling of loneliness or even feeling like you're not needed or wanted.

You may have empty nest syndrome. And it's no surprise, that maternal bond is super strong and when you find yourself suddenly without your child, it's a tough feeling to get used to.

Here are some links I love to help you deal and find the bright side of it:


5 ways to conquer empty nest syndrome. — Let Life In

Even celebs are worried about their kids flying the nest. — Celeb Baby

One mom's story of having empty nest syndrome and how she dealt with it. — Parents

An empty nest doesn't have to be a bad thing. — Parent Dish

Try doing all the things you wanted to do pre-baby. — Lil Sugar

The kids have been gone and you're finally used to it. But due to this recession, should you worry about them coming back? — Yahoo! Shine

Have you dealt with empty nest syndrome? What are some ways you handled it?




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