Big Baby! When Older Kids Regress

"Why does my son act like such a baby?" questions CM mom Philyra. We've all been there--just standing around looking with puzzled amazement at your 6, 8, 10-year-old as he proceeds to act like he's 2. When my son "goes there," I try (so hard) to remember that he is vying for my attention against his younger brother--ergo, the baby act. I think it pays to look at Philyra's situation too, because although every baby-like episode from a big kid stems from a different set of circumstances, the confusion/ frustration it leaves us with as Moms with is pretty universal.

My son is eight, intelligent and quite outgoing. However, he freaks out if I leave his sight when we're out! Not long ago we got separated in a store and he started screaming and crying for me running around hysterically! It was so embarrassing! Even at home, if I walk to the mailbox without telling him I'm going outside, I'll come in to find him in tears and on the verge of hyperventilation! I know this is not normal, and I don't know how to deal with it....

Come on moms, let's help her figure this one out. Is he watching scary things on TV? The news perhaps? Could he be overhearing stories about missing kids? He cleary has an irrational fear, and whenever that happens with a child, the leading philosophy is to encourage him to keep talking about it. Ask him what he thinks will happen to you--or him--should you be separated. Keep the questions coming--over time, of course--and keep assuring him of his and your-well being. Any one else have some helpful pop-psychoanalysis to share? 

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