Is Your Teen Abusing Her ADHD Medication?

adhd drugs teen drug abuseIf your teenager is taking medication for ADHD, you might be interested in a new report in the September issue of Pediatrics: ADHD prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs among teenagers after marijuana.


But while parents talk to their kids about abuse of street drugs, they rarely talk to them about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. "Parents need to be aware of the potential for the abuse of these medications for teens that have and haven't been prescribed them," Jennifer Setlik, one of the study's authors and an emergency physician at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Tom Hendrick one of the founding members of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America agrees that it is critical to let your kids know that taking drugs that weren't presecribed for them or taking more than what was prescribed to them is not good.

"Fifty percent of kids report never hearing a single word about prescription drug abuse, but these drugs are just as dangerous, just as addictive and just as deadly as illicit drugs," he says.

Does your teen take ADHD medication? Have you discussed the dangers of taking more than necessary?


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