Celebrate the NOW With Your Fast-Growing Kids!

kids, cherish their youth

Photo from Heather_F

Really enjoyed this short post from Parent Hacks admin Asha Dornfest where she calls for us, as parents, to rename the beginning of a new school year — no longer is it BACK to school, but instead it is FORWARD to school.

After all, the fast momentum of time is pushing us ahead, is it not? Always forward, never back.


In my mind while reading this post, I just kept hearing Herrick's "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" and realizing those rosebuds are the days of my kids' fast-passing youth.

Asha writes, "rejoice in whatever you're experiencing now with your kids, because, soon it will be different. Easier, maybe, harder, maybe...there's no way to know. Take care of yourself. Stay connected to your family and your friends. Treat yourself gently and kindly. And celebrate every golden moment with those kids."

*sigh* Yes...yes yes yes...

Read the whole piece from Asha on Parent Hacks.

How do you celebrate the now with your kids? What do you do the stay connected and live in the moment?

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