Learning to Drive -- Tips to Live Through It

learning to drive

Photo by cozycabinmom

I remember being 15 and taking my parent's old olive green Chevy Caprice that was the size of a boat a little too wide around a sharp turn, and watching my mom in the passenger seat turn the color of snow at the sight of the oncoming car. A real close call, that one.

Yeah, I sure don't look forward to the days when my own kids are learning to drive. But when it happens, I'm going to remember these words of advice from one experienced mom in the Connecting With Your Teenager group:

  •  Always wear your seat belt. It's even more important in these situations. Quick jerky turns and fast jerky stops seem to be the thing that they find the hardest to control.
  • Buy a case of hair dye.
  • Chew gum -- it keeps you from saying things that may scare or frustrate them.
  • Do NOT hang on to the dashboard! White-knuckling really ticks them off!
  • Hold opinions until back at home. Make only "gentle" corrections while on the road.

Can you add to this list? What should moms keep in mind while they are riding in a car with a teen learning to drive?

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