5 Inspiring Lessons I've Learned From My Kids

lessons learned from my kids

Photo by Cafe Sheri

My two sons teach me valuable lessons every day. About joy. About love. About living.

What important life lessons have your kids taught you? Here are five of the many inspiring lessons I've learned from my kids.


5 Inspiring Lessons I've Learned From My Kids

  1. Pick your battles. When you have kids, you definitely can't take on every small battle. You have to learn to pick the important ones. It's a great lesson for life.
  2. People are different than me, and that's beautiful. Nothing has taught me to respect other people's innate differences more than raising a kid. I could always blame my husband's parents for his strange-to-me ways of doing life, but when I see my own kids being their own people and being true to themselves on their terms (in ways I did not teach them to be), I can't help but find them beautiful. This gives me a deeper appreciation for other people's differences too.
  3. You don't have to carry it all at once. My youngest likes to carry his toys to his room, one at a time. And why not? Carrying one thing at a time is perfectly acceptable (and lots easier) most the time.
  4. Happiness is more important than perfection. When my oldest told me, “Mom, my heart feels like frosting cookies,” it no longer seemed to matter that all the cookies were perfectly decorated. Creating joy and happiness is much more important.
  5. Everything is not THAT serious. My boys' reactions to my over-thinking, over-analyzing, and over-stressing helps me realize that sometimes, I take life way too seriously now that I'm adult. The kids' perspectives really help me take it down a notch. I mean, ice cream for dinner every once in awhile isn't going to hurt anyone.

There are hundreds more mind-blowing teachings like this. Every day, my kids teach me something about love, life, relationships, and myself. They are great gifts.

What inspiring lessons have you learned from your kids?

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