Parenting Classes Make Divorce Easier on Kids

classes for divorcing parents

Any parent who has gone through a divorce or separation knows just how tough it can be. But sometimes it can be even more devastating for kids...

That's why 46 states have divorce-related parenting programs aimed at teaching parents to continue parenting together after their marriage or relationship has ended. In 27 of these states, divorcing parents are actually required to enroll in divorce classes; in others enrollment is voluntary, or a judge can order parents to attend.

So what can parents learn in class such as this?


Though content varies by state, most classes generally focus on the emotional health of both parents and kids in divorced families. Common themes include:

  • Children shouldn't take on adult roles when adults are struggling.
  • Children need both parents in their lives (if possible).
  • Even though the adult relationship is ending, the parental relationship must continue.

Many people have reported that they learned a lot from the classes—namely how to focus on what is best for their children.

Have you ever participated in divorce-related parent education? Do you think it should be mandatory for all divorcing parents?

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